it’s not the way you say it, it’s the way you see it
Six Half Dozen was created to bring a full spectrum of design consulting to individuals and organizations that are looking for more than a production artist. Any project can have a variety of solutions. What we bring to our clients is a more in-depth analysis of what it is they are asking for. We then work hard to find the most effective and efficient solution.

We’ve created hundreds of logos over the years, working with many types of clients. Whether a rebrand of a 25 year old firm, a start-up, a clothing line or a logo for a gala or special event, we always follow a process.

Over the years, Six Half Dozen has had the privilege of working with ACT for Alexandria by providing design services pro-bono for their annual fundraising event, Spring2ACTion.

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For over 15 years we have been designing membership based publications, marketing material, conference displays and educational products for just about every type of association, after all, there is an association for everything, even for associations!!!


We’ve produced new ad campaigns, websites, logos, videos, brochures and presentations for the cars you drive, the beer you enjoy and the detergent you use. We don’t discriminate, clients of all sizes are welcome, from a single entreprenuer, to the Fortune 500’s.


We are lucky enough to live and work in a very generous and caring Town of Old. Some of our favorite work is in helping folks be seen and understood, creating the visuals and messaging to educate and fundraise to make amazing things happen for those neighbors in need.

Graphic and Web Design in Alexandria VA: Six Half Dozen Studio