6 Principles

At Six Half Dozen, we believe in approaching every project with fresh eyes and the understanding that every client’s needs are different. This helps us to create solid, functional design for a wide range of organizations, businesses and individuals.

Approaching every project with this mindset ensures our end results meet, and oftentimes exceed, expectations. We maintain this high standard by always standing behind our 6 Principles.

These key principles are the foundation to all of our work, and they help ensure consistent, solid design whatever the project.

Rhythm. Contrast. Shape. Alignment. Proximity.

We understand that many organizations, businesses and individuals enjoy working alone on a design-related project or with a single designer. This approach may have been fueled by a negative experience with a design agency in the past, where it felt difficult to develop a productive work dynamic and resulted in less than ideal results.

However, teamwork has its benefits—as they say “two heads are better than one.” As a team, Six Half Dozen can achieve more in less time, plus the overall quality of our work can be improved by collaborating.

This teamwork revolves around each individual working together in Harmony.


When you work within a vacuum, it can get lonely and design choices can become biased. When working in a group, communication and collaboration ensure continuous feedback throughout the design process.

This collaboration evolves into a Rhythm, keeping each team member on task and working efficiently together.


This team dynamic ensures that the end product checks all the boxes agreed to at the start, while giving our creatives the ability to express ideas out loud, bouncing thoughts and suggestions off each other. Interaction within our team ensures that every design need is catered for.

The biggest strength of a design team is that no designer is the same. They may have the same title “Graphic Designer” but each person’s mind takes them in different directions and destinations when presented with the same design problem.

This Contrast in thought process and creative problem solving is what makes our design team stronger and more versatile than any individual.


Having an effective team compliments every aspect of the whole design process; planning, refining, problem solving and executing based on each project, regardless of its scale, budget or deliverables.

With a team of designers at your disposal, you have the combined skill set of each individual, benefiting from their strengths. When combined together, you have a creative powerhouse at your fingertips.

An effective team has the ability to Shape the entire design process.


Our design team at Six Half Dozen is full of creative individuals, each with their own style and strengths. Some have perfected the art of complex analytical design, where they are able to quickly and efficiently develop complex graphs and data into clear and easy to understand visuals. Others think more outside the box, how can this problem be solved differently, what have we not thought about, what if we tried this? To the designers and developers that have mastered the art of code, knowing how to plan and execute, fast, responsive design elements for digital devices, bringing any design to life.

This poses an honest question. Why would you only work with a single designer? — when you can work with a whole design team. Six Half Dozen ensures that your design-related problems are solved in the correct and appropriate way.

Ensuring effective Alignment within all of our creative solutions, you’ll be confident knowing that your design solutions are effective.


Located in Old Town Alexandria, this close Proximity to our clients ensures that we’re ready and available at a moment’s notice.


We’re a local design team that’s adaptable to any design problem thrown at us. We’ve over 10 years’ experience collaborating as a team to create visuals and messaging that supports all of our clients’ needs. Priding ourselves on the fact we’re a full-service creative department for organizations, businesses and individuals needing creative support.

We believe that solid design is the foundation to your whole business.

Let’s get to work.

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