Client Spotlight: Pherson Associates Brand Identity

The Brief

Since 2003, Pherson has been a trusted partner, helping translate challenges into solutions and enabling organizations to build the capacity to compete today and in the future. They deliver highly experiential leadership experiences and coaching that help their clients increase their impact and effectiveness. Pherson requested a brand overhaul that would better capture that high-impact essence. They wanted to modernize their image with a more versatile, clean, and bold logo paired with a new tagline that would help portray their brand personality of strength and sophistication.

Logo and Tagline Development

Through research, ideation, and collaboration, we explored a wide variety of shapes from organic to geometric. We also experimented with a variety of sans-serif fonts that would communicate the modern update to the existing logo they were after. They requested integrating an icon or visual into the ‘P’ or ‘O’ so the majority of our exploration coincided with that idea.

After brainstorming and presenting numerous taglines for consideration, a final tagline was approved: Clear Thinking. Inspired Leadership. Lasting Impact. We then were able to design options for the full logo lockup and our team designed a large variety of unique logos for consideration. This is a sampling of those results.

Brand Color Selection

After a final selection was made for the “O” icon and the full logo, we focused on the color palette. Color plays a vital role in establishing a brand’s presence. A brand’s colors go far beyond aesthetics; they help to communicate a message, evoke emotions, and create key associations that can deeply influence how the audience perceives and engages with a brand. We presented a vast array of color options to ensure that the Pherson team would be extremely happy with their brand colors for the long term.

The Final Logo

The final logo and brand colors were carefully curated to compliment and reinforce Pherson’s new identity, messaging, and personality. From there, we developed a range of brand collateral, ensuring that we establish a cohesive brand image, from business cards to one-pagers, to pop-up banners.

Website Development

Extending the visual identity to a digital platform is key to furthering a brand’s reach. We designed and developed Pherson’s new website to prominently feature their new tagline, core capabilities, and values. During the creation of the website, we also designed custom icons and infographic elements that they were able to repurpose in other print collateral and presentations.

Custom Icons and Infographics

The Results

This creative partnership resulted in a successful rebrand that the Pherson team is proud to show off. Investing in quality and unique branding supports the goals of the business and establishes brand recognition. We were able to execute on their vision and when it was time to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, they came back to us to design a 20th anniversary logo and supporting print and digital collateral.


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