Annual Reports

Non-Profit Annual Reports come in all forms

It’s not just about numbers or spreadsheets.  It’s a living breathing mission story, inspiring the world. Non-profits are amazing the public with the creativity of their annual reports. What was once exclusively a printed publication is now talking, moving, interactive, responsive, or real time, as organizations take the tools at their disposal and publish video or web/mobile versions.  The annual report is being used as an effective tool for fundraising, recruitment, volunteer engagement, social media, press outreach, blog posts, donor outreach and more.


PDF versions were the first online versions, and then the annual reports went digital. Online annual reports make it possible to reach greater numbers without incurring expenses for printing or mailing.  Digital versions allow organizations to collect data, track pages/content viewed, length of visit, etc. The inclusion of video (housed on YouTube) and backlinks increase search engine optimization and overall visibility for the organization. Donors seldom read annual reports cover to cover ;  multimedia makes it engaging and accessible.

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Paper versions of the annual report are being published in unique formats with informational graphics for financials, an economy of content, and an accent on creativity. In the interest of the planet they are slimmed down, printed in limited quantities, or mailed upon request.

Our Experience

Six Half Dozen has developed Annual Reports in all possible formats for non-profits and associations.

A Newspaper Version

A local Alexandria Virginia non-profit, ACT, wanted to reach out to new donors in the city they serve. To reach the community, they asked us to design their Annual Report for insertion in the local newspaper.

They used the local newspaper to distribute their annual report.  Six Half Dozen created a newspaper insert version of the annual report in addition to a print version for donors, enabling the association to reach 18,000 residents. Here are the advantages that they benefitted from, they saved money on the mailing list, printing, mailing costs and were able to distribute the annual report more rapidly than non-profit postal rates would allow.

In addition they printed and sent 500 copies to their donors. Finally, they sent a link in their newsletter so donors could download and print the annual report.


Booklet Style

After 35 years in service, Results.Org chose to mark the major milestone in their annual report, telling the story of RESULTS advocates doing what they’ve done for 35 years…using their voices to change the world.  They were able to show their impact in reaching Congress with the plight of Americans that live below the poverty line and in ending extreme poverty internationally. The annual report covered landmark accomplishments since their founding, success statistics, advocate stories, achievements in 2015, an informational graphic outlining their reach globally and stateside, and recognized supporters. It works well for them as a fundraising tool and can be used to fulfill many roles in their overall communications strategy.


Multimedia Style, Paper, + Video

Maximizing annual report opportunities for outreach, Episcopal School made the investment in multiple means of communication.  The paper version of the annual report, indispensable for longtime donors, was printed and added in e-version to the website.  A digital version was published with a video version on a separate URL.

Six Half Dozen was asked to create a video that could reach their audiences of all ages. The video annual report highlights footage of sporting and social events from their archives and newer footage taken from the campus, overlaid with animation of report statistics (donors and alumni involvement) and upbeat music.  We hope you will take time to watch it.

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