Video, the the fastest growing format in digital spending.

Companies need to be seen and remembered in a crowded communication space where an estimated 93% of all information is conveyed non-verbally.

You can drown or rise to the surface in the deluge of competitive messaging. Marketers can’t just show up. They need to stand out, tell their story, engage, inspire, share company culture, entertain, and explain their offer.

At Six Half Dozen we emphasize the importance of visual communications across all media. Our company tagline states it best, “It’s not how you say it, it’s how you see it.”

We help companies cut through the noise of digital traffic and deliver powerful communications through print, web, and now video, which is increasingly part of the conversation with our clients.


In a sea of internet messaging, video emerges most powerfully. Viewers opt for video over all other forms of content – text, photos, gif’s, cartoons, illustrations, infographics, etc. In survey after survey, audiences responded favorably to video. 65% are watching a significant (three quarters) amount of content, far more than the average readership of a piece of text. 96% of consumers consider video helpful in the decision-making process. Users are sharing video 12 times more than links and text posts combined.

“The Year of Video Marketing” is here, 2015 statistics indicate that six in ten marketers are already using video. Professional marketers report that video converts better than any other medium but as few as 10% fully exploit the video analytics in order to capitalize on customer insight.

Data-driven marketers can track and measure the performance of their marketing programs. Video marketing platforms track actual audience engagement and average drop-off rates for their videos, and how each video is contributing to lead generation and revenue. These analytics will increasingly become a strategic tool for lead generation, qualification, and segmentation.

Marketing automation and CRM platforms can collect video analytics and turn the data into results.

Maybe that is why projections for 2017 predict 80% of online traffic and 74% of all mobile traffic will be attributed to video.

An effective video strategy should be part of the overall marketing plan, not only as an essential element in your social media strategy but for content marketing, SEO, email marketing and demand-generation programs.

So once we have created a strong brand identity, designed an arsenal of print materials to market with at events or direct mail, and have created a strong and engaging website, which are the foundations of marketing, let’s explore adding the power of video!

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