Case Studies

“Mr. Moore’s Gift” is the culmination of an idea to tell the story of Clement Clarke Moore through the eyes of a young girl, Maggie. This story is a vision of writer and producer Non Vaughan-O’Hagan with the support of Dean and President of VTS, Ian Markham. This production’s success is a testament to the many contributors whose creative minds came together and produced something truly special.  This short film aims to capture the magic of Christmas and not only to inspire the episcopal church but also adults and children alike.

Conducting interviews and working with focus groups, we listened to the many diverse voices excited to participate in this process, which allowed us to understand what best represented what Women in Government means to its members. The result was the creation of a visual identity that captured the spirit of the Women in Government organization and its members.

We’ve created hundreds of logos over the years, working with many types of clients. Whether a rebrand of a 25 year old firm, a start-up, a clothing line or a logo for a gala or special event, we always follow a process.

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