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branding projects

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Learning Heroes

Learning Heroes equips families and schools with tools, research, and training to build a shared understanding of student data and foster meaningful partnerships. Learning Heroes is asking parents to "Go Beyond Grades" by exploring free tips and tools on their website (in English and Spanish), and by teaming up with their child’s teachers. We created a series of print and digital billboards and a series of market-specific websites to house tools and resources to effect real change. These websites also provide trackable data analyses to review the effectiveness of the campaign. Thanks to this data, the Learning Heroes team was able to secure more project funding to keep the project evolving and expanding it's reach to even more communities and schools for years after it's initial launch.

Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

When we began working with NVAR in 2024, their initial request was to refine their logo. Since then, we have supported them on a number of projects across a range of mediums. From print, to event design, to video, our goal is to elevate their style and insure consistency across all of their branded products.

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Club Management Association of America

The Club Management Association of America (CMAA)'s annual conference gathers club management leaders and professionals together for 5 days of networking, talent-seeking, mentorship, and innovation. For 2024 we worked with CMAA to create new Las Vegas-based branding, befitting the venue location. We produced a full branding package and event collateral, including large-scale motion graphics for the general session screens.


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) works to foster Hispanic leadership in the STEM field. Their annual National Conference is a major event drawing nearly 10,000 attendees. We developed the brand experience for the 2023 theme that included: logo design, event microsite, video promotion, print collateral, onsite signage, merchandise and apparel, and digital graphics.

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Club Management Association of America

The Club Management Association of America (CMAA) needed to revamp and refresh their “Club Management” Magazine. We partnered with CMAA to undergo a full redesign including a modern and fresh new layout, better tailored and relevant editorial, and an expert advertising team. The refresh turned out to be a huge success, and resulted in increased ad sales. We were able to leverage our collective expertise to produce a more targeted magazine that furthers the CMAA brand and in turn, bring more value to the members who read it. The magazine is delivered in print, digitally on the website, and via social sharing. The content is repurposed for their podcast as well.


Katherine Hibbs Pherson and Randolph H. Pherson pioneered the development of critical thinking skills and Structured Analytic Techniques during their careers in the US intelligence community. They founded Pherson in 2003 to establish a community of collaborative-minded individuals—curious, caring, and can-do. The Phersons applied decades of practical experience to develop their own curriculum for analysts in government agencies, the private sector, and academia. The Phersons’ library of 10 publications have become the industry-standard texts on structured analytic techniques and are used by analysts in commercial, government, and academic organizations in more than 40 countries.

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Pawpins Pet Services

When founder of Pawpins, Elle, was ready to switch careers and open her own local pet care business, she came to us to create her brand and establish her image. We were presented with a drawing that she sketched out, a few photos of her adorable pets, and a request to keep it playful and fun, which is what drove our direction. We had a blast developing all the pet related icons and graphic elements that made this pet care business really come to life!! We created everything that Elle needed to promote her services and start building her clientele so that she could be successful from the start. Pawpins aims to provide the highest quality service for pets and their humans, and thus, the branding needed to show off the care, passion and quality that her customers can expect.


Join our team

Six Half Dozen is looking for a talented and motivated intern. We are looking for someone with an eye for design and the ability to take a brief and transform a clients needs into a professional design. Learn the ins and outs of the graphic design business and help produce meaningful work. Needs:

  • Professional or academic experience in web design or graphic design
  • Consistency and attention to detail
  • Passion for design, marketing & technology
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Portfolio required