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Learning Heroes

Learning Heroes equips families and schools with tools, research, and training to build a shared understanding of student data and foster meaningful partnerships. Learning Heroes is asking parents to "Go Beyond Grades" by exploring free tips and tools on their website (in English and Spanish), and by teaming up with their child’s teachers. We created a series of print and digital billboards and a series of market-specific websites to house tools and resources to effect real change. These websites also provide trackable data analyses to review the effectiveness of the campaign. Thanks to this data, the Learning Heroes team was able to secure more project funding to keep the project evolving and expanding it's reach to even more communities and schools for years after it's initial launch.

Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

When we began working with NVAR in 2024, their initial request was to refine their logo. Since then, we have supported them on a number of projects across a range of mediums. From print, to event design, to video, our goal is to elevate their style and insure consistency across all of their branded products.


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) works to foster Hispanic leadership in the STEM field. Their annual National Conference is a major event drawing nearly 10,000 attendees. We developed the brand experience for the 2023 theme that included: logo design, event microsite, video promotion, print collateral, onsite signage, merchandise and apparel, and digital graphics.

Washington Metro Chapter Community Associations Institute

We work with the Washington Metro Chapter Community Associations Institute (WMCCAI) to design and publish their monthly magazine, Quorum. Each month, the magazine's featured articles deliver new information on trends, legislation, and logistics advice to help readers preserve, protect, and enhance their communities.

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Healing Works Foundation

Healing Works Foundation (HWF)’s mission is to make whole person, integrative care regular and routine. Led by Dr. Wayne Jonas, HWF partners with a diverse group of wellbeing innovators. It creates platforms, processes, programs, tools and services to support and magnify insights and innovations in healing and whole person care principally in primary care and oncology. We work with HWF to further their mission through comprehensive branding and design support in print and video.

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Women in Government

The mission of Women in Government (WIG) is to amplify the work of female lawmakers. WIG needed a full brand identity refresh to help communicate their mission more effectively. The 6HD team was their creative partner throughout the entire branding process. We were able to capture their vision through logo development and identity design. We extended the brand to social media graphics, templates, marketing collateral and finally, through a new website. We entered this identity campaign into the 29th Annual Communicator Awards and won an Award of Distinction!

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We designed, developed and animated a video that explore the JerseyCAN Frame — which was focused on accelerating learning. Their mission is to ensure that every New Jersey student can graduate from high school ready to enroll in college and succeed in their career. We developed a visual aesthetics that complimented print collateral, using a asymmetric style to compliment the V/O. The video was created to better showcase the inner works of the framework and how they function interdependently but as a whole.


Join our team

Six Half Dozen is looking for a talented and motivated intern. We are looking for someone with an eye for design and the ability to take a brief and transform a clients needs into a professional design. Learn the ins and outs of the graphic design business and help produce meaningful work. Needs:

  • Professional or academic experience in web design or graphic design
  • Consistency and attention to detail
  • Passion for design, marketing & technology
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Portfolio required