Six Half Dozen was created to bring a full spectrum of design consulting to individuals and organizations that are looking for more than a production artist. Any project can have a variety of solutions. What we bring to our clients is a more in-depth analysis of what it is they are asking for. We then work hard to find the most effective and efficient solution. We are not afraid to take a few steps back in order to move forward, as it is a proven problem-solving technique and is sometimes necessary to get the best results.

After many years of owning and running a local design firm as a partner, Ben Roberts had the opportunity to open his own studio and work with his clients with creativity and patience, two traits that Six Half Dozen has been labeled with from day one. Ben always felt that without creativity there was no chance in design and marketing, but without patience, there was no use for that creativity. He wanted to create a new team that worked with their clients, listening to their daily challenges, finding solutions and designing processes and tools rather than just updating materials by request. With this in mind, and a portfolio full of proof, Six Half Dozen has an ever growing list of happy clients who consider us their design team.

Graphic and Web Design in Alexandria VA: Six Half Dozen Studio