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Samantha DeMott

Art & Web Director

Sam joined the team in 2014 after a few years designing at ad agencies in New York City and Washington, D.C. With over 15 years of design experience, Sam leads many of our clients’ branding efforts and ad campaign design with an extreme attention to detail. She quickly discovered her passion for translating designs from the print world to the digital world, and has spent over 10 years becoming a self-taught web developer. In 2020 she took over as the head of our web design and development.

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Communication Studies from James Madison University in 2010. She brings 15+ years of design experience, which include working at her college newspaper, interning for Likable Media and Nielsen Media in Manhattan, and as a graphic designer at Delucchi+, a full-service marketing company in Washington, DC. There she focused primarily on branding properties in the real estate market, and illustrated a marketing campaign involving 5 foot tall turkeys that were on display at Dulles International and Reagan National Airports.

Her passion for pixel-perfect layouts brings a sophisticated eye to everything she does.

Fast Facts
  • Got engaged on Friday the 13th and married on Halloween. Boo!
  • Once helped David Bowie pick out art supplies.
  • Has six tattoos – the most in the office.
  • Words of Wisdom
    "It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works." –Terry Pratchett

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    We are a small company but deliver a big impact to our various clients. Located in Alexandria, VA, Six Half Dozen believes any project can have a variety of solutions.

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    Six Half Dozen is looking for a talented and motivated intern. We are looking for someone with an eye for design and the ability to take a brief and transform a clients needs into a professional design. Learn the ins and outs of the graphic design business and help produce meaningful work. Needs:

    • Professional or academic experience in web design or graphic design
    • Consistency and attention to detail
    • Passion for design, marketing & technology
    • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite
    • Portfolio required