Tommy Biagini


Tommy Biagini is an experienced and versatile graphic designer with a passion for creating from scratch. His professional experience in design dates back to 2017 where he started working for his alma mater’s football team at James Madison University. Since graduating from JMU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tommy’s worked in the field of major league sports and national politics with thousands of eyes on any piece of his work at any time. Tommy’s work has been seen by the President of the United States, professional athletes, and big-name politicians across the country, plus more!

He takes pride in having a holistic skillset as a designer and is willing to expand further with each new client’s needs. He continues to challenge himself and grows creatively with each new year. Tommy joins Six Half Dozen with an exciting new perspective that aims to captivate audiences with a fresh eye.

Graphic and Web Design in Alexandria VA: Six Half Dozen Creative Studio