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Engaging your top audience to create brand advocates

Six Half Dozen’s production studio offers exceptional flexibility for clients looking for a versatile space to accommodate any video production need. This cutting-edge production studio is tailored to support a wide range of projects, from high-budget interviews and corporate videos to creative web series and commercials. Clients can customize the studio with features like adjustable lighting, soundproofing, and various backdrop options.
As a creative studio, one of the main benefits we bring to video projects is our ability to focus on the main video deliverable, while also being mindful of maximizing time and budget to capture extra footage that will complement future marketing or promotional needs.

Video Production

Also known as “filmmaking”, this process consists of three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. Once these three phases are complete, you have yourself a video.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, and add movement and extra fidelity to your design. This can enable you to illustrate complex ideas visually. Adding motion to a design is a great way to increase interest or add emphasis on certain focal points.

Concept Development & Storyboarding

During the initial development phase, concept development and storyboarding can be an effective way to initially explore a concept and the suggested approach. This storyboard poses as a way for our clients to see the suggested vision, while also providing substantive visuals that can be used during the approval process all the way through to production and completion.

Voiceover Narration

A voice can bring your message to life. When used in the correct way, a complimentary voiceover can elevate any video. We’ve effectively worked with clients to incorporate this approach to a wide range of projects, helping to inform, engage and inspire audiences. 


One of the most effective ways to tell a story, communicate a message or sell a service is through the voices of the people involved. Talking head style interviews will always be an effective tool when used in any video projects. We’ve developed a simplistic approach when talking with a wide range of individuals that ensures a natural conversation, giving us the best responses possible. Combined with informed questions pertaining to the project and goals, we’re able to create effective, professionally shot interview style videos for any project/campaign/deliverable.

Studio & On-location Production

Having access to our studio enables our creative team to be responsive across any project. We have the ability to conceptualize, develop, produce any multimedia project on-location within our studio and production department. Blending high end equipment with our experience, our creative studio is capable of producing anything needed to ensure our clients success.


Capturing those candid moments during an event, documenting an important occassion/milestone, or needing product shots for your commerce website, professional photography is vital to building a curated library of brand images that will communicate your story.

What’s your project?

We may be a small company, but we deliver a big impact to our clients. Located in Alexandria, VA, Six Half Dozen thrives on the belief that every project has a variety of solutions and we’re dedicated to creating a customized approach that is just for you.

Join our team

Six Half Dozen is looking for a talented and motivated intern. We are looking for someone with an eye for design and the ability to take a brief and transform a clients needs into a professional design. Learn the ins and outs of the graphic design business and help produce meaningful work. Needs:

  • Professional or academic experience in web design or graphic design
  • Consistency and attention to detail
  • Passion for design, marketing & technology
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Portfolio required