Behind the Scenes: Brand Development

We’ve created hundreds of logos over the years, working with many types of individual clients, partnerships, boards and organizations. Whether a rebrand of a 25 year old firm, a start up consulting firm, a clothing line or a logo for a Gala or party, we always follow a similar process.  The key ingredient to our logo design process is…multiple minds! We always have at least three of our fantastic designers work on each logo challenge, ensuring a wide variety of options to come to the table in the first round of concepts. Our clients love this approach because, in many cases, they have worked with solo designers previously, and received a variety of concepts, but still all from one mind. When you work with a design studio like 6HD, you benefit from many years of experienced designers working together to challenge each other, as well as critiquing each other, and brainstorming elements to add or remove from each others work. Then the real collaboration begins.


As you can see with the Well Dunn Catering rebranding project, we often return to some initial concepts, based on client feedback and conversation, but throughout, we constantly create additional concepts to review. This is a small sampling of the designs, we actually started with 28 options, then in round two we presented 18 options, followed by 14 options, and then 7 variations of the top logo selected. From there, we moved into selecting their new colors. Every logo project is unique, because every client and need for a logo is different.


We always explore plenty of color combinations taking many items into consideration including industry, client requests, trends, audience feedback and icons within the logo. We also explore font variations before finalizing the fonts, to ensure we can have a usable selection for brochures, presentations, signage, collateral and documents. We pull all of it together into a simple brand guideline piece to ensure each client has a reference for many years to come. Once we finalize the logo, it’s off to designing everything from business cards to billboards!

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